In his latest technical update, Digital Construction Works’ Technology Director, Arra Derderian, takes a deep dive into our Bentley SYNCHRO and Topcon Sitelink 3D integration, one of the key integrations for the DCW Integrations Platform.

To connect the office with the job site and machinery technology, the DCW Platform seamlessly enables your office software and field devices to talk to one another, making sure that your carefully optimized plan is executed and that you always know your project actuals.

In the demonstrated example, Sitelink 3D is integrated with the SYNCHRO application by the DCW Platform, using data flows connecting field and design and planning teams, with real-time syncing of progress, to help truly close the loop in projects.

The data visualizations generated allow you to view your planned hauls for a specific time period against actual hauls performed and then make decisions quickly based on these KPIs/visuals. By pushing project actuals back into your schedule, you can then optimize your plan moving forward seamlessly and with less manual errors.

This allows users to benefit from:

• Improved data and communication from site to office throughout the project
• Sending the right tasks and designs to tools and machines
• Decision-making based on near real-time actuals received from tools and machines
• Reduced construction schedules
• Improved project quality


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