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See us at Digital Construction Week on Stand E11 at London Excel, 24th – 25th November 2021.

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Learn about our innovations in the built environment and engage and network with our experienced and dedicated team which utilizes a diverse industry skill set to provide accelerated custom solution integrations, optimized implementations, and exceptional services for your organization.

We will be showcasing the latest innovations in digital construction, including: 4D/5D Planning and Scheduling, Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Training and Implementation, Analytics and Reporting, Industry Software, Precise Positioning Hardware, Program Management, Project Management, Reality Capture and Modeling, Systems Integration, Visualization and Reality Model Processing, Work Plan Optimization, Piloting Programs, Technology Adoption and Application Consumption Optimization

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Connect what should be connected. Part 1 – Technology Integration Platforms

24th Nov 13:30-13:45

From concept to handoff, how many unique applications and systems are involved in delivering a successful construction project? We’ve seen a growing number of micro-services applications with very powerful, yet very narrow feature benefits enter the construction market. And although the ease of adding a timesheet, or an invoicing app to our iPhone or Android phone is simple, this has really created quite a challenge.

Perhaps you were working on a project back in 2019 that required you to use an app on your phone to record labor hours, or even more recently, some application which required a health check before entering a project site. How many of these systems and applications are digitally connected to each other? With an integration platform, the connections can be made.

Connect what should be connected. Part 2 – People & Process Integration

24th Nov 13:45-14:00

We previously discussed the benefits of connecting various technology applications together in an integrations platform in Part I of our presentation, “Connect what should be connected.” We saw the benefits of having previously siloed data sources digitally connected through an integration and automated workflow management platform. In addition to these technical product integrations, we need to look at the integration plan for people involved in construction projects. Having the people needed to successfully complete a construction project depends on capability, capacity, and defined processes.

Success and efficiency depend on soft skill sets such as communication, trust, and a supportive company culture. A planned collaborative process is the best way to enhance the collaborative benefits of people working together. The subject of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) has been used by project management and project owners to define this process of collaboration between Procurement, Engineering, and Construction participants.

Adopting a defined process related to the best path of construction will, by definition, create the necessary communication and co-ordination points between otherwise siloed people. Similar to Part 1 of our presentation, which connects siloed technologies, Part 2 connects siloed people and job functions for a multiplier effect benefit.

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