When even your data has data in a live interconnected world with all the data you need at your fingertips, how come we don’t have instant feedback on the day’s construction activity on site?

Some of our clients tell us that today’s status will only truly be known four weeks from now. A lot can happen in four weeks, and if decisions and actions made today are left unvalidated, don’t we risk massive project failures and mistakes that need rectifying?

Every day, the team at DCW goes to work to solve the challenges of the Construction Digital Twin. Digitization of the office is well understood. However, the gaps occur at the stages of verification and validation of progress. The tools are there; however, they are not well connected.

DCW’s Construction Progress Tracking workflows can bridge the gap. What do we do? As you know, DCW has an Integrations Platform which allows you to free your data for use across the project. DCW can #Integrate third-party software, #Automate workflows, and #Orchestrate data through analytics and reporting so you can deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.

Construction Progress Tracking is fundamental to optimizing data flow to and from the construction site at any stage of the construction process, whether you are preparing the foundation, form-filling, or performing full detailed laser scanned verification. DCW links the in-field data to the project plan and ensures that the best information is available to confirm progress and enable faster decision-making during critical times to increase project management confidence in construction quality and maximize project efficiency. All project stakeholders are in the loop.

Find out more here: https://www.digitalconstructionworks.com/solutions/construction-progress-tracking/