4D Construction Progress Monitoring for Highway Projects

22, September, 2021 9:29 am

Duration: 25 MINUTES

Accelerate digital transformation by applying lab-tested and proven 4D Construction Progress Monitoring workflows

Learn how these workflows provide project planning and project management professionals the information required to reduce rework and deliver projects on-time.
Studies show that 30% of the work done by construction companies involves rework, and of this rework, 52% causes inefficient project data and miscommunication.
By improving project management and communication, 9% of the total cost could result in savings.

Proper 4D planning requires a regular digital twinning cycle; the common practice today involves gathering data by walking the site, during highway use, making data collection both dangerous and time-consuming. This collection method often leads to 10% spot checks and assumptions instead of full inspections, which in turn leads to incomplete and sometimes inaccurate information feedback to project planning and control. Information is also often available only four to six weeks after the fact which is generally too late to support the next planning cycle.

  • 4D Construction Progress Monitoring shortens the digital twining cycle anywhere from four months down to one week.
  • A snapshot of the complete site is obtained rapidly by using mobile mapping.
  • Collected data (Reality) is then automatically compared to the 4D Model (Design + planning), thereby avoiding a time-consuming scan to BIM workflow.
  • The element status information is then fed back to the 4D environment, closing the digital twinning feedback loop.
  • The result is a comparison between the as-built and the as-planned, and the immediate value becomes available to project planning and project control.
  • Earthwork volume update analysis is done more efficiently and in a highly automated fashion, resulting in a shortened data collection and processing period.
  • The analysis and feedback to the 4D environment become automated, enabling the project planner to have an accurate snapshot of progress on-site.






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