The DCW Integrations Platform gives project managers the ability to track progress in near real-time via our integrations to Bentley’s SYNCHRO SWP and iModel Hub applications.

This latest “how-to” video from Arra Derderian, Digital Construction Works’ Director of Technology, shows how you can use the DCW Integrations Platform to:

  • Visualize your project in 3D with iModels, BI Visualizations and Gantt charts, so you can understand when project slowdowns are occurring and how to resolve them
  • Build custom dashboards per trade, which allows security to be enforced on data while collaborating with individual trades on status and performance in one central location

DCW’s team also saves you time and money by not only bringing field statuses from your team into Bentley’s SYNCHRO product for example, but also by integrating with the third-party data providers your tradesmen use to report on progress.

No more spreadsheets or siloed data, once your project is connected, you can have construction project data reported on an hourly, daily or weekly basis

This data is then validated and pushed to SYNCHRO (or whichever data store you are using), so you can have an up-to-date Digital Twin of your jobsite.

Both time and money are saved, because our Platform is automating the collection and validation of the data.


Contact us today so you and your team can benefit from the DCW iPaaS with Insights, and integrate, automate and orchestrate your third-party construction applications.