Learn how OIDC (OpenID Connect) Security with the Digital Construction Works Integrations Platform makes our clients’ lives a lot easier.

It means no extra log-in hassle, and that not only applications and workflows, but also the log-in, are integrated in your company’s environment.

An example of this is where Bentley and Topcon products have been integrated via the DCW Platform. Instead of having to remember and regularly update yet another username-password combination, a Topcon Sitelink user can just use their Topcon credentials. For Bentley SYNCHRO and iModel users for example, the situation is the same.

To demonstrate this in practice, this “how-to” video from Arra Derderian, Digital Construction Works’ Director of Technology, shows how you can use the DCW Integrations Platform to:

  • Easily integrate open ID authentication providers
  • Secure dashboards in the platform by role
  • Manage workflows for user approval
  • Add email alerts via SendGrid



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