Did you know that you can use the Digital Construction Works (DCW) Integrations Platform with Insights to easily spin up charts and visualizations from your own DCW Project Data Warehouse?

This will save you money on subscriptions to services like Power BI or Tableau and allows you some nice visualization flexibility.

DCW can build your custom dashboards using our native scripting language, or you can learn to do it yourself!

DCW Native Charting and Visualizations uses GraphQL and Liquid Scripting to create powerful filters and visuals of your construction data analytics. You can also blend data across integrations using our custom schemas as well.

In this demo video, Jean-Philippe Tissot, senior software engineer at DCW, shows an existing integration in the DCW Platform to Topcon’s SiteLink3DV2 product and visualizes time-card information across employees.

Our workflow engine securely connects to your SiteLink3DV2 site and aggregates data daily into our system. We then leverage the power of native charting to create your time reporting system or verify submitted time against actuals sent from the job site.

Watch out for the next video in this series, as Jean-Philippe adds a flat-file integration to a cost code spreadsheet to enable cost vs. budget calculations on the fly. Please stay tuned!

Contact us today so you and your team can benefit from the DCW iPaaS with Insights, and integrate, automate and orchestrate your third-party construction applications.