Construction firms around the world are tapping into the amazing opportunities for optimized project performance offered by digital construction. From a single, trustworthy data source to the benefits of digital twinning, digitization empowers owners and managers with the tools to make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

But with the complexity involved in going digital, how do you select the best-fit digital integration services partner that will ensure your transition is a success? To answer that question, let’s talk about what a digital integrator does and look at ways to evaluate the firms vying for your business.

The Role of a Digital Integrator

Digital construction integrators bring a team of experts in a variety of fields who have the knowledge and skills needed to make use of the reams of disconnected data that is part and parcel of every construction project. With their deep understanding, digital integrators enable effective adoption of the bewildering array of hardware and software needed to custom fit a firm’s specific needs. They enable utilization and optimization of current hardware and software and can make recommendations on appropriate third-party technology integrations for improved and more automated workflows.

Evaluating a Potential Digital Integration Partner

Start your selection process by getting clear about why you need a digital integrator. Are you looking to improve project performance? Are you using multiple applications from various vendors and don’t feel like you are optimizing use? Do you need better communications? Is rework a recurring problem? Do you suffer from a lack of consistency? Is risk and safety a concern?

From the answers to these and other questions, create a list of the specific challenges you face. In this list, be sure to specify how each challenge affects your firm’s performance.

Next, create a document that details your specific needs along with your expectations of a partner.

Benchmark Questions for Selecting a Digital Integration Partner

1. Can the company help reduce risk and liability by identifying and addressing potential safety issues at every step?

2. What are the backgrounds and expertise of team members and how will these benefit your firm?

3. Will the company help you realize the full potential of digital by enabling connected processes from design to operation?

4. Can the firm help you identify and implement the best processes and technology to automate and optimize your construction operations?

5. Do the candidate’s services include digital automation, application and technology integration, and digital twinning specific to the construction industry?

6. Do the company’s resources include the people, processes, and technology, independent of initial data sources or third-party technology, needed to make your move to digital successful?

7. Will the company eliminate information bottlenecks by enabling sharing of field and office data from a single, reliable source?

8. Does the candidate’s solution improve project performance by reducing waste, minimizing errors, and increasing profitability?

9. Will you be able to manage projects better through the ability to track and manage each KPI in real time?

10 Does the candidate have a robust network of service providers that will help bridge the complexity gaps between different hardware and software?

11. Is the candidate willing to provide a partial transformation, if that is all that is required to meet your desired outcomes?

12 Can they demonstrate their capabilities?


Is This Firm the Long-Term Partner We Need?

As you move through evaluation, pay attention to your interactions with each bidder.

• Do they call back promptly?

• Have they read and responded to your emails?

• Are they friendly and patient?

• Do they seem eager to serve you by developing a personal, long-term relationship?

• Do they take the time to actually listen to what you are saying?

Contact their references and ask about specific challenges they experienced with the company to help you understand how the candidate responds to complications.

Like you, trustworthy digital integrators are interested in establishing long-term relationships with their clients. Ask the same questions you would ask a job candidate to determine if they are a good fit.

Selecting the right digital integration partner boils down to evaluating the level of trust you can place in their people and services. Armed with the information in this post, you are ready to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Looking to learn how a digital construction integrator can streamline your digitization process? Contact DCW today to explore the possibilities.