DCW provides consulting, integrations, and field services to support your project monitoring needs. Many monitoring technologies have seen recent digital advances in connectivity and integration. These advances are significant but challenging for project managers and asset owners to decipher. DCW focuses on building integrations with the best products and applications. We work with you to identify project needs and propose fit-for-purpose solutions.

The innovation cycle is rapidly changing. As an agnostic provider of monitoring services and solutions, we stay open to integrating what the market provides and what our clients already trust. 


DCW in-house experts stay on top of the latest changes and advancements and can make recommendations to meet your project challenges. DCW provides a plan for monitoring and minimizing risk, through constant awareness of project conditions.


DCW delivers integration services via the DCW Integrations Platform. Asset management in construction projects generate a wide variety of data. You no longer need to manually federate siloed data or separated data streams to see and understand the total picture. By combining your monitoring application or technology data in the DCW Integrations Platform, you can benefit from previously unavailable insights. Data integration provides a multiplier effect benefit of new insights, automated workflows, and summarized visual reports for project decision-makers.


 DCW works with a strong network of geotechnical services providers with decades of field experience in planning, installing, and maintaining monitoring systems. Asset owners and contractors periodically have smaller project needs or temporary construction activities. We can provide on-site consultation and advice for the implementation of monitoring technology for these smaller projects. Our in-house experts are available to discuss direct options or connect you to our partner network of service providers. 


Benefit from a digital twin representation of your monitoring solutions within your project. By leveraging the Bentley Systems iTwin model viewer and data layering capabilities of the DCW Integrations Platform, DCW provides a digital twin view of your project. Visualizing monitoring information on a 3D model of your project accelerates the absorption of the data and speeds decision making and better planning. Ask us for a demo of this layering of monitoring data on a 3D model, and see firsthand the advantage that this solution provides for you.


Capital expense vs. Operating Expense? Would you like to keep your monitoring activity costs as an operating expense line item in your budget? Consider a DCW MaaS agreement to meet your monitoring needs. Our MaaS agreement will be customized to the project and your budgetary needs, as with any best-fit solution. Consider including 100% of the costs placed in a MaaS agreement or leverage a hybrid approach where the cost is split between a capital and operating expense in your budget. Our experts will work with you to find the best fit.



DCW recognizes that no two organizations are identical, no two digital strategies are the same, and no two current digital states are consistent. Pricing is based on the size, complexity, duration, current digital state, and desired outcomes of the project, the size of the organization, and the current digital state.