Measure and quantify every stage of the construction project lifecycle, get progressive assurance and improve your project’s productivity and predictability

Need a better way to report progress, optimize the teams, the plan, and the management of all stages of your construction projects?

DCW’s pioneering Construction Progress Tracking Solution combines smart reality capture and computer vision-based design analysis with 4D/5D interactive planning for collaborative scheduling to confirm and develop the path of construction, with tools to expedite and automate the analysis of the actual progress against the virtual construction model. DCW has subject matter experts to address the many aspects of Construction Progress Tracking, including systems integration, data management, process consulting, and training – to deliver a successful project and program outcomes.

Data is collected from multiple sources and combined into a single platform embodying a virtual construction model and enabling efficient engineering, procurement, and construction alignment.


Construction Progress Tracking Includes:

  • Tracking and measurement of the construction phase and its level of completion
  • Timely management of construction changes and potential or pending change orders
  • Resource tracking of stored materials and off-site materials
  • Continuous Quality control and Construction Quality Assurance backed by quantified field data
  • High quality resource management and delay avoidance from near real-time data acquisition
  • Faster, data driven decisions thanks to actual data
    reaching the planning team at critical stages

Benefits of Construction Progress Tracking:

  • Visualize the critical path of the project, thus enabling the owner and the project participants to understand the phasing schedule better
  • Identify and resolve the space and workspace conflicts ahead of the construction process
  • Convey the project’s information and spatial complexities and help conduct additional analyses
  • Identify schedule, sequence, or phasing issues
  • Enable the owner and the project team to visualize time constraints easily
  • Increase productivity through decreased waste on construction sites
  • Provide an accurate installation status of the project​
  • Provide the actual installations for earnings​


Get predictable, repeatable outcomes for your construction projects with DCW’s world-class solutions.