Integrate, Automate, and Orchestrate
your Construction Applications

By combining expert technical resources to help you with your integration strategy and the use of the DCW Integrations Platform as a service, we can easily integrate your third-party applications and project data into a single platform. Integration is the key to automation. We can also create customized automated project-specific workflows for you, or you may select from prebuilt project workflows as a service.

Our experienced and dedicated team utilizes a diverse industry skill set to provide accelerated custom solution integrations, optimized implementations, and exceptional services for your organization.

The DCW Integrations Platform: Integrate, Automate and Orchestrate Your AEC Applications


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  • Integration, interoperability, and optimized use
    of multiple third-party applications
  • Integration of project data across products, disciplines, and teams
  • Optimized productivity on projects, reduced schedule conflicts, and visibility into risks
  • A single source of truth with insightful views of project data and project health
  • Open, secure, and scalable information mobility
  • Open and connected model-based workflows
  • Automated workflows with data source validation, events, alerts, or text messaging
  • Holistic view of infrastructure through combining engineering data, reality data, and IoT data
  • Development and implementation of infrastructure digital twins for asset life-cycle management
  • A cost-effective, closed-loop portal for processing Work Packages and integrating the project teams’ previous investment in specific construction tools.


Powered by the DCW Integrations Platform, DCW Insights provides project performance analytics via secure dashboards and uses advanced analytics to monitor construction activity. Project teams enhance critical decision-making through user-friendly tools, helping to mitigate cost and time overruns while also keeping safety at the forefront. Gain visibility into the heartbeat of your projects with dashboards. Advanced analytics enables data-driven decisions and optimizes best practices. Project challenges become more visible, and you can avoid major causes of project delays and cost overruns.

DCW is product agnostic. Our team of experts will review your current application mix and, based upon your goals, make recommendations on fit-for-purpose third-party applications that most benefit you.

We also provide further support with data processing, data entry, scheduling, and product training.

DCW has many subscription and service level options from which to choose.

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