While it is not unusual to find systems integrators in the digital construction industry, it is unusual to find a team of experts deeply connected with vendor product teams, yet free to explore and implement solutions as designed and consulted by their clients.

At Digital Construction Works, we put this freedom to work for our clients in our exclusive digital lab experience, the only one of its kind in the industry. With our ability to personalize and fully customize lab and client interactions, we aid the process and journey of digitization specifically for each client. Our team is comprised of experts from the worlds of construction and digitization, committed to developing and implementing digital solutions that deliver increased transparency and efficiency in construction operations. Through the DCW Labs, we prove repeatable workflows and integrations that affect interoperability, reporting, analytics, and digital twin delivery.


Digital Twin Lab

The DCW Digital Twin Lab creates a digital representation of a physical asset along with the engineering information needed to understand and model its performance. Through reality capture and processing workflow, the Lab informs processing execution, defines workflows with technology partners, and provides input for dashboards and analytics development from the volumes of data present in every project.

Solutions Integrations Lab

Through analysis of a client’s current position in the digital spectrum, the Solutions Integration Lab identifies the transformations needed to fully realize the benefits of a digital construction solution. A plan is then developed and processes put in place, including analytics for monitoring progress. Because each client’s needs are unique, we listen intently to understand their situation and help them succeed in the digital environment.

The Labs/Client Partnership

Multiple software, apps, and online tools are used to perform tasks within the construction industry. But in most cases, the data from these disconnected sources will not talk to each other, and alone tell only a small part of the story. By working with clients to understand their unique needs, DCW integrates this data into a form that makes most, if not all, of the story clear and detailed. These details can then be used to predict future events, prescribe safe, cost and time effective alternatives, and uncover hidden indicators that can provide significant improvement in project performance.

Achieving true productivity improvements requires a full understanding of the client’s current workflow, uncovering potential areas of data loss and project inefficiencies. With this understanding, the Labs’ offering results in more and faster information, enabling better decisions resulting in significant time savings and better project delivery assurance.

DCW systems dashboards ensure that clients and project stakeholders have access to more and better information, along with deeply detailed analysis. More information enables better decisions and higher quality outcomes for each project.

When the Labs know where the project sits in the various stages of digital transformation, they begin fitting the pieces together, identifying solution gaps, filling those gaps, and making the “digital” work in digital construction.


Better Results via Collaboration

 DCW has ready access to a worldwide network of product teams, customers, industry influencers, and innovators. Through these connections, our Labs are able to quickly establish optimal workflows and identify and resolve individual challenges and pressure points for each client.

The R&D ethos of the DCW Labs ensures that you get the most advanced solution possible. Not only are we accelerating the digitization of our clients’ workflows, but we are always looking to identify the industry trends that matter and ensure that we stay out in front when looking to digitize construction.

Everyone needs to build stuff. DCW knows where digital can make this better and easier.

Explore the exclusive benefits of the Labs at DCW. Contact us today to schedule a conversation.