Today’s amazingly complex construction projects encompass a myriad of activities that must be orchestrated like a grand symphony to be successful. To understand the role of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) in bringing the music together, let’s start at the beginning.


Advanced Work Packaging

The Construction Industry Institute (CII) defines advanced work packaging as “a disciplined approach to improving project productivity and predictability by aligning planning and execution activities across the lifecycle, from project set up to startup and turnover.”

Advanced Work Packaging is a proven construction best practice. This is achieved through the alignment of engineering, procurement, and construction, as well as through driving construction planning efforts earlier in the project lifecycle. Which leads to improvements in cost and schedule performance.

There are three standard types of work packages in construction: Construction Work Packages (CWPs), Engineering Work Packages (EWPs), and Installation Work Packages (IWPs). Melding this trio into a harmonious whole is the key to a smooth-running project.


AWP is an integrated, data-driven work process requiring a digital integrator to aggregate data from multiple sources into a planning tool that embodies a Virtual Construction Model (VCM).

The AWP strategy and execution plans are created during the front-end definition phase of a project, developing Construction Work Areas (CWAs) and the path of construction. During the detailed design phase, the Construction Work Packages (CWPs) and Engineering Work Packages (EWPs) are formulated. As the project moves into the construction phase, WorkFace Planning (WFP) is undertaken and Installation Work Packages (IWPs) are developed and put in place.

Integrated Project Delivery & Collaboration via Virtual Construction Model

The idea is to link together all project IT systems, including 3D CAD models, engineering lists, schedules, materials management systems, fabrication component level details (piping isometrics, structural piecemarks, etc.), estimating unit rates, as well as progress and quantity tracking databases.

Open Architecture Interoperatbility within DCW’s AWP Solution

The data sets that are integrated within the Virtual Construction Model (VCM) need to be updated on weekly and sometimes daily basis to keep all parties in synch with the realities of the project. Some data sets are updated daily to visually show the status updates per tag number and various rules of progress i.e., color coding of the VCM based on what work has been completed in the field or what materials have arrived onsite.

ConstructSim Planner Work Packaging, Workflows & Automation

The ability to keep the VCM constantly up to date at the component and individual work step/task level is critical, as is the ability to organize the model based on areas, disciplines, work packs, systems, and sub-systems.

Bentley Navigator Mobile Integration, Equipment Status
Bentley Navigator Mobile Integration, Material Status

This enables projects to track progress at the lowest level, so the superintendent or general foreman isn’t sticking their thumb in the air with a guestimate of progress. When projects can track progress at this level, it enables huge productivity improvements in making the transition from construction by area to systems turnover and completion

Benefits of Digital AWPs

The programmatic adoption of a digital AWP solution can substantially reduce safety incidents, improve field productivity, and lower costs. Using digital AWP solutions can:

  1. Reduce TRIR and DART rates by up to 30 percent.
  2. Improve field productivity by 10 to 25 percent.
  3. Reduce total installed cost by 5 to 10 percent, depending on level of maturity.
  4. Improve predictability in cost, schedule, and quality certainty.

AWP drives predictable results for all types of construction projects, including industrial, heavy civil, and others. It takes effort and resources to get there, but the benefits are substantial. DCW has the world class AWP solution and team of SMEs to enable you to deliver predictable outcomes on your project.

Are you benefiting from a digital AWP? Contact DCW today to explore the possibilities.